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Venerx Female Sexual Enhancer Venerx Female Sexual Enhancer
Venerx Female Sexual Enhancer

Zenerx Guarantee

Venerx Natural Female Sex Enhancer

"Female sexual arousal disorder is a common, yet largely under- treated condition."

Researcher Stephanie Kuffel, PhD, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle.


Venerx is Manufactured In The United States
to Strict
US FDA Safety Standards

To ensure the absolute highest quality and safety, we selected a leading nutraceutical manufacturer in the United States to produce our unique Venerx Formula in FDA-Certified facilities following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

This means we follow the 21 safety and quality steps required when manufacturing prescription drugs. Most supplements do not undertake this level of care because they are not required to do so by law. We believe this added quality and safety is worth the extra cost.

It costs about 80% more to produce Venerx in the U.S. to GMP standards verses China, India, Malaysia, or Africa, but this way we can ensure all Venerx ingredients are pure and meet all U.S. FDA safety and manufacturing standards.


Venerx is Carefully Formulated With Safety In Mind

We carefully selected each Venerx ingredient to maximize the safe, immediate and long term benefits to your sexual and whole body health. To insure that you get strong consist results from every capsule we use potent pharmacy grade standardized herbal extracts.

This means we know the exact strength of the active compounds in each capsule and every capsule in every bottle is exactly the same strength and purity.

When raw herbs are used you need to take a lot more to get the amount of the active compounds necessary to be effective, you are ingesting a lot more inactive plant matter and the strength of the active compounds in each plant can be very different even for plants growing right next each other.

With herbal extracts you can count on every capsule to have the same amount of pure active ingredients every time at the strength necessary to be safe and effective. You can think of it as the difference between buying drugs off the street and buying them from a pharmacy.

Triple Tested For Purity, Strength And Exact Formulation

*To Ensure Enhancement Product Safety, Quality & Effectiveness Don't Settle For Less*

To guarantee Venerx is made to our specifications, we triple test it during manufacturing. While not required by law, it is required to meet our commitment to the safety, quality and effectiveness of Venerx.

1) All ingredients are tested when they arrive to ensure that they are the actual ingredient, meet purity and strength specifications, and are free of microbial, bacterial, and chemical contaminants. This is done before ingredients are mixed.

2) Once ingredients are mixed, we test the blend to ensure it is exactly as specified before any Venerx female enhancement tablets are ever made.

3) The finished Venerx tablets are tested to ensure they are as specified, with exact ingredients required for the Venerx Formula.

Many inferior products are never tested at all-they just hope that everything is safe. Raw ingredients are never tested for enhancement effectiveness, and the final tablets are never tested.

We want all women to beware-unless a company explicitly tells you, they may not test their products. So for your health and safety, always ask about a product's quality and testing process.


Venerx Gives You A Safe, Pure, Reliable and Effective Product That You Can Count On!


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